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Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry

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Notes & Images

Wartime portrait of Colonel David Lang, 8th Florida Infantry (Florida State Archives)Wartime portrait of Colonel David Lang, 8th Florida Infantry (Florida State Archives)

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EducationPrewar OccupationsPostwar Occupations
  • Engineer. (Civil Engineer)
  • Politician (state level), Tallahassee, Leon County, FL, 1885 - 1893. Served an eight-year tenure as Adjutant General of the State of Florida during the administrations of Governors Perry and Fleming. Among other things he was influential in the reorganization and training of Florida's state militia troops, which contributed to the creation of Florida's modern National Guard.
  • Politician (state level), Tallahassee, Leon County, FL, 1893 - 1901. Served as private secretary to Florida Governors Mitchell and Bloxham.
  • Administrator (state level), Chattahoochee, Gadsden County, FL. Served as Cashier of the Florida State Hospital.
  • 5' 2.00"

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  sword of Col. Langwilliam sanders0December 23rd, 2010 5:33:09 PM EST
  David Lang ancestry Roger0May 16th, 2009 8:33:51 PM EST

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 Date Event Location Rank Unit  
  May 9, 1838 Born Camden County, GA Detail
  April 2, 1861 Enlisted Houston, FL Private Company H, 1st Florida Infantry (Old) Detail
  May 10, 1861 Promoted 2nd Sergeant Company H, 1st Florida Infantry (Old) Detail
  October 1, 1861 Promoted 1st Sergeant Company H, 1st Florida Infantry (Old) Detail
  April 6, 1862 Discharged Detail
  May 10, 1862 Enlisted Captain Company C, 8th Florida Infantry Detail
  September 17, 1862 Wounded Sharpsburg, MD Detail
  December 11, 1862 Wounded Fredericksburg, VA Detail
  April 30, 1863 Promoted Colonel Staff, 8th Florida Infantry Detail
  July 2, 1863 Present with unit Gettysburg, PA Detail
  April 9, 1865 Surrendered Appomattox, VA Detail
  February 28, 1866 Married Detail
  July 6, 1895 Miscellaneous Gettysburg, PA Detail
  December 13, 1917 Died Detail
  Interred Old City Cemetery, Tallahassee, FL Detail

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Letter of  David Lang to Alex Atkinson on August 4, 1862
Original letter in possession of David Lang, Tallahassee, FL

Richmond, Va. August 4th 1862 Dear Uncle, After many tedious & unknown delays upon our route we have at length pitched our tents in sight of the great battle field but we have not been allowed to visit any part of it yet. l am told that a large number of arms, clothing, &c spoils captured from the enemy are still lying upon the battle field and some of them have been stolen by individuals, therefore the ground is now guarded and no passports at all are given to go upon it. There is one part of the ground, about ten acres, that is covered with unburied bodies of the enemy & the carcasses...

Letter of  David Lang to Annie Eliza Atkinson on September 7, 1862
Original letter in possession of David Lang, Tallahassee, FL

Frederick, Md., Sept.7th, 1862 Dear Annie, l was very much pleased to receive your letter which reached me while I was on the battle field of 31st awaiting orders to join the terrible conflict which was raging in front of us & notwithstanding the tumult which was gradually enveloping us. I assure you that your letter was carefully and pleasantly read, yet I was sorry to hear of Uncle's illness and hope his apprehensions with regard to typhoid fever are groundless. l presume it would be useless of me to attempt to give you any information as to the late battle as you doubtless received...

Letter of  David Lang to John B. Bachelder on October 16, 1893    Comments have been posted about this letter.         (1 comment)
M84-028, David Lang Letterbooks, Vol. II, pp. 87-91, Florida State Archives

Oct.16th.1893. Col. John B. Bachelder, Gettysburg Battlefield Commission. Dear Sir: - I regret very much that circumstances have been such as to prevent an earlier reply to yours if the 13th. ult. I did not wish to make positive statements as to the positions of the Florida Brigade at Gettysburg, until I had conferred with the regimental commanders as to the connections on the flanks of the Brigade, and this has taken time to obtain their recollections of the situation. I can now state positively that the Florida Brigade occupied on the 2nd. day of July 1863, the line of the eastern edge...

Letter of  David Lang to E. A. Carmen (Late 1800s -- Early 1900s)    Comments have been posted about this letter.         (2 comments)
M84-028, Davd Lang Letterbooks Vol. II, pp. 328-329, Florida State Archives

Hon. E.A. Carman, War Records Office, Washington, D.C. Dear Sir: In reply to yours of 11th, inst. inquiring the names of the commanding officers 8th. Fla. Regt. in the battle of Sharpsburg Md., Sept. 17 / 62, I have to say that the regiment went into the battle in command of Lt. Col. Coppen, formerly of the 1st B(***)n Louisania Zouves, by assignment of Ge. Roger Pryor just preceding the battle, because of the absence and sickness of Col. Richard B. Floyd, Lt. Col. John M. Pons. Major W.I. Turner, having resigned. Col. Coppen’s given name has escaped my memory, but Gen. Pryor on whose...

Letter of  David Lang to J. L. Smith (Early 1900s)
M84-028, David Lang Letterbooks Vol. II, pp. 416-417, Florida State Archives

. . . I note what you say of your visits to the battlefields, and would appreciate most highly an opportunity to be with you and your friends on one of these excursions. I have visited by one of the great battlefields since the war. In 1895 I had the honor of being appointed as one of a committee of three authorized by the legislature on request of the Commissioners of the Gettysburg Battlefield to locate the positions of . . . (next page has severe water damage) . . . Commissioners Col. J.P. Nicholson and Major . . . . . . over the entire scene of the battle ground, whi . . . . ....

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Florida Times-Union ,  Jacksonville, FL ,  July 16, 1895

Capt Ballantine writes of Gettysburg's gory field Located the place where Florida's sons fought The Florida Brigade in the thickest of it Ballantine cut a cane for Thompson on "Round Top" Fernandina, Fla, July 15. Capt. W.D. Ballantine, one of the commissioners to locate the position of the Florida troops in the battle of Gettysburg, furnishes the following information to the Mirror, of this place: "The battlefield commissioners are doing splendid work in locating the positions of both lines. Monuments are being erected designating the lines occupied by different commands, Federal...

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Obituary of Colonel Walter Raleigh Moore
Undated minutes of R. E. Lee Camp No 58 U. C. V. Copy on file at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Whereas COLONEL WALTER RALEIGH MOORE of Columbia County Florida, a prominent and distinguished Confederate Veteran departed this life on the 9th day of October 1898. Therefore it is resolved by R. E. Lee Camp No 58 U. C. V. that in the death of Colonel Moore, this Camp and the Confederate Veterans of Florida have sustained the loss of one who by his gallant, efficient service as a Confederate Soldier, his faithful and useful life as a citizen of this State commanded in an eminent degree their admiration and esteem, in token of which we inscribe in our minutes the following brief mention of his life. He...

Obituary of Mollie Campbell Lang
Tallahassee WEEKLY FLORIDIAN, Tallahassee, FL, December 24, 1889

A Sad Death. Mrs.Mollie Lang, beloved wife of Adjutant-General David Lang, died at Atlanta, Georgia, Thursday, December 19th, 1889, aged 42 years. Mrs.Lang was born at Orange Court House, Virginia. Her maiden name was Campbell. All through life she was noted for her unselfishness of character and for her charitable work. She was a sincere Christian and a model of true womanhood...a devoted wife and fond mother; as a friend, ever kind and true. The funeral took place from St.Johns Episcopal Church, this city, Saturday, Reverend W.H.Carter officiating.

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No. 271.--Report of Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws, C. S. Army, commanding McLaws division.
DECEMBER 11-15, 1862.--Battle of Fredericksburg, Va.

HEADQUARTERS DIVISION, Camp near Fredericksburg, Va., December 30, 1863. My division occupied the front of defense from Hazel Run along the ridge of hills to the right and through the point of woods extending into Mr. Alfred Bernard's field, one brigade being in reserve. The brigade on the left had an extended rifle-pit at the foot of the main ridge, from the left of the Telegraph road to a private road near Mr. Howison's barn. The next brigade had rifle-pits along the foot of the hills in front of its position, and others on the crest of the hills. The right brigade constructed rifle-pits...

No. 283.--Reports of Lieut. Col. John C. Fiser, Seventeenth Mississippi Infantry.
DECEMBER 11-15, 1862.--Battle of Fredericksburg, Va.

NEAR FREDERICKSBURG, VA., December 19, 1862. SIR: I have the honor of submitting the following report of the action of the Seventeenth Regiment Mississippi Volunteers while defending the passage of the Rappahannock, opposite the city of Fredericksburg, on the morning of December 11, 1862: Being ordered to the city on picket duty, on the 9th instant was ordered to dispose of my regiment so as to guard the river from the ferry to a point about three-quarters of a mile below. I promptly made such disposition as I thought would check the enemy if he attempted to force a passage at or between...

No. 296.--Report of Brig. Gen. E. A. Perry, C. S. Army, commanding Perry's brigade.
DECEMBER 11-15, 1862.--Battle of Fredericksburg, Va.

HEADQUARTERS PERRY'S BRIGADE, December 18, 1862. MAJOR: I have the honor to inclose to you the reports of commanders of the Donaldsonville Artillery battery and the Eighth Florida Regiment, the only portions of my brigade actively engaged in the recent battle on the Rappahannock River. The Eighth Florida Regiment having been detailed for picket duty, and placed temporarily under command of Brigadier-General Barks-dale, commanding the picket forces at Fredericksburg, I am unable to give additional information to that contained in Captain Lang's report, to which I call your attention. I addressed...

No. 297.--Report of Capt. David Lang, Eighth Florida Infantry.
DECEMBER 11-15, 1862.--Battle of Fredericksburg, Va.

DECEMBER 16, 1862. MAJOR: I have the honor to report that in conformity with orders, I moved my command on the night of the 8th instant above Fredericksburg, near the canal, and relieved the Twelfth Mississippi Regiment, then on duty as a reserve force for the support of our pickets. On the morning of the 11th instant, at about 5 o'clock, I received orders to report with my command at once at the market-house to Brigadier-General Barksdale. Before reaching the above place, I was intercepted by General Barksdale, and ordered to a point on the river forming the site of the old ferry, and instructed...

No. 545.--Report of Col. David Lang, Eighth Florida Infantry, commanding Perry's brigade.
JUNE 3-AUGUST 1, 1863.--The Gettysburg Campaign.

HEADQUARTERS PERRY'S BRIGADE, July 29, 1863. MAJOR: I herewith submit the following as the official report of the part taken by this brigade in the battle of Gettysburg: On July 1, while on the march from Fayetteville to Gettysburg, this brigade being the rear guard of Anderson's division, heavy firing was heard in front, and I received orders from Major-General Anderson to pass ahead of the wagon train, and close up on General Wilcox's brigade. This I did, and, moving to within 2 miles of Gettysburg, was directed, by order of General Anderson, to form line of battle about 1 mile to the...

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Preview of Georgia Military Institute Class of 1856 Georgia Military Institute Class of 1856
Faculty Brumby, Col. A. V., A. M., Superintendent, and Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy McConnell, Capt. Thomas R., Comdnat of Cadets, and Professor of Engineering. Acting Professor of Drawing. Hunt, W. H., A. M., Professor of Rhetoric, Ethics, and Intellectual Philosophy, Acting Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology Manget, V. H., Professor of French and History. Camp, R. S., R. S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics Connell, M.D., A., Surgeon

Preview of Florida's Militia and State Troops 1865 - 1898 Florida's Militia and State Troops 1865 - 1898
In Florida the post-Civil War period began inauspiciously. Martial law had been declared. Federal troops were in widely scattered garrisons around the state; there was considerable political chaos and bands of outlaws infested the countryside. Early attempts to establish a state militia by former Confederate military and political leaders was disallowed by presidential and congressional Reconstruction authorities. It was to be an era of economic expansion, the "Guilded Age", dominated by state governments with no interest in the military and even less for appropriating money for military expenditures....

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  • melinda.  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is melinda 's paternal great-grandfather.
  • LLANGWDC.  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is LLANGWDC 's paternal great-great grandfather.
  • NorfolkTory.  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is NorfolkTory 's paternal great-great-great grandfather. NorfolkTory writes: "I am currently an undergraduate at Duke University and writing a short paper on Colonel Lang. If I run across any new information, I will certainly let you know. My grandfather, who recently passed away, compiled an extensive genealogy of our family that may provide something new. For now, thank you for the great job you all have done with the site. It is both fascinating and extremely helpful."
  • Elizabeth Furr (Norfolk, VA).  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is Elizabeth's maternal great-grandfather.
  • David Lang (Tallahassee, FL).  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is David's great-grandfather.
  • Lucy Lang.  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is Lucy's paternal great-grandfather.
  • Melissa Lang (Marietta, GA).  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is Melissa's paternal great-great-grandfather.
  • Robyn Lang.  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is Robyn's paternal great-great grandfather.
  • Robert C. Lang IV (Edmond, OK).  Colonel David Lang, Staff, 8th Florida Infantry is Robert C.'s paternal great-great-grandfather. Robert C. writes: "I've been reading much of what I have found on this web site as well as others. Much of it I have heard before and much of what I read is in some small conflict with what I was told when I was a child. Such is the separation between recorded history and handed down tales. The man obviously has an earned place in the history of our country and the State of Florida. When stationed at Ft. Lee, Va (Petersburg) I got to tour the battle field several times. The Park Rangers knew quite a bit about COL Lang. From them I found out where I was living while attending school at FT Lee was supposedly the exact site of where he had pitched his camp during the seige. I feel a real bond with this gentleman. At school (USMA) I studied the war in detail and took extra interest in the battles in which he participated. I wish I had had a chance to meet him. I bearly remember his son, my name sake. He was an interesting gentleman."

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