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Captain Isham Miles Blake, Company B, 1st Florida Cavalry

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Notes & Images

EducationPrewar Occupations
  • Farmer
  • His brothers Joel and Walter also served in Company K, 5th Florida Infantry.
  • His parents were Miles Blake and Susan Parish.
  • 5' 10.00"
  • grey eyes
  • light hair
  • florid skin

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 Date Event Location Rank Unit  
  May 3, 1837 Born Leon County, FL Detail
  April 15, 1860 Married Leon County, FL Detail
  May 15, 1862 Enlisted Camp Leon, Tallahassee, FL Private Company K, 5th Florida Infantry Detail
  September 17, 1862 Wounded Sharpsburg, MD Detail
  September 29, 1862 Furloughed Detail
  August 6, 1863 Promoted Captain Company B, 1st Florida Cavalry Detail
  Mid -- Late 1864 Absent Detail
  Appeared on roll Detail
  May 10, 1865 Paroled Tallahassee, FL Detail
  1901 Died Detail
  Interred Runner Cemetery, Miccosukee, FL Detail

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Florida Confederate Pension Application File A11766    Adobe .PDF file format
Leon County, FL, 1899. 7 pages.

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References to Isham Miles Blake appear on the following page:

Page 152 -- Roll Company K (Dixie Yeomen)--5th Florida Infantry
Page 152 -- Roll Company K (Dixie Yeomen)--5th Florida Infantry

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Letter of  Joel Clifton Blake to Laura Parish Blake on April 10, 1863
"Letters of Joel C. Blake", APALACHEE Volume V, 1962. Copy on file at US Army Military Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA

Camp near Fredericksburg April 10, 1863 My Dear Laura, I have just been relieved from a good deal of anxiety & uneasiness by the arrival of your long & interesting letter of the 1st. I do humbly thank God that he has so mercifully preserved my dear family from that disease & death which seemed to be sweeping over the whole country. My uneasiness for the last three or four days has rendered me almost entirely unfit for duty. Lt. Peeler got a letter from Simadosia Peeler, who stated that cousin Tom had just been to see her & that he said the scarlet fever was raging on the Lake in an aggravated...

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Preview of Georgia Military Institute Class of 1856 Georgia Military Institute Class of 1856
Faculty Brumby, Col. A. V., A. M., Superintendent, and Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy McConnell, Capt. Thomas R., Comdnat of Cadets, and Professor of Engineering. Acting Professor of Drawing. Hunt, W. H., A. M., Professor of Rhetoric, Ethics, and Intellectual Philosophy, Acting Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology Manget, V. H., Professor of French and History. Camp, R. S., R. S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics Connell, M.D., A., Surgeon

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