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2nd Corporal C. Washington Branch, Company K, 5th Florida Infantry

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Notes & Images

Prewar Occupations
  • Farmer
  • 5' 8.00"
  • grey eyes
  • light hair
  • light skin

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Created by: CivilWarFlorida Administrator This user is an Administrator.          on February 25th, 2004 9:24:01 PM EST

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  BRANCH,CHARLES L. REBELYELL1October 2nd, 2007 6:47:36 PM EST

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 Date Event Location Rank Unit  
  1838 Born Florida Detail
  Married Detail
  April 25, 1862 Enlisted Miccosukee, FL Private Company K, 5th Florida Infantry Detail
  April 1, 1863 Promoted 2nd Corporal Company K, 5th Florida Infantry Detail
  July 3, 1863 Killed Gettysburg, PA Detail

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