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Private Jason Vander Tipton, Company I, 5th Florida Infantry

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Notes & Images

Prewar Occupations
  • Farmer
Postwar OccupationsMiscellaneous
  • His parents were Benjamin and Elizabeth. Benjamin was a Freewill Baptist minister who preached at churches in Georgia and Florida.
  • 5' 8.00"
  • brown eyes
  • brown hair
  • fair skin

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Created by: Tiptonint This user is a Descendant of a Confederate Soldier.      on October 11th, 2005 1:28:21 PM EST
Last Update by: CivilWarFlorida Administrator This user is an Administrator.          on October 21st, 2005 12:09:46 PM EST

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 Date Event Location Rank Unit  
  August 31, 1832 Born Henry County, AL Detail
  March 14, 1862 Enlisted Camp Leon, Tallahassee, FL Private Company I, 5th Florida Infantry Detail
  September 17, 1862 Wounded Sharpsburg, MD Detail
  September 17, 1862 Captured Sharpsburg, MD Detail
  October 1862 Exchanged Detail
  October 26, 1862 Sent home Detail
  December 10, 1862 Discharged Florida Detail
  January 21, 1892 Died Detail
  Interred Tipton Cemetery, Two Egg, FL Detail

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  • chtipton.  Private Jason Vander Tipton, Company I, 5th Florida Infantry is chtipton 's paternal great grandfather. chtipton writes: "Jason is my paternal great grandfather. I live on the property of the old homeplace and where he is buried in Two Egg, Florida at Tipton Cemetary"
  • faircloth.  Private Jason Vander Tipton, Company I, 5th Florida Infantry is faircloth 's 3rd. great uncle. faircloth writes: "He also has two other brothers that i did not see mentioned. My 3rd great grand father John S. Tipton of Ga. and Isaiah Tipton of Fl. both of them were Confederate soldiers. John S. was also a preacher.I am a member of the "SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS"."
  • Tiptonint (Kennesaw, GA).  Private Jason Vander Tipton, Company I, 5th Florida Infantry is Tiptonint 's paternal great great grandfather. Tiptonint writes: "Jason was the son of Benjamin Tipton. Benjamin was born in 1804 in Burke County, GA and migrated to Southwest, GA during the 1827 Land Grant. Benjamin is buried in Cedar Springs, GA next to his wife Elizabeth Bostick Tipton. Benjamin's father was Thomas Tipton who migrated to Georgia from Virginia. He received 4 land grants in Burke County, GA with the first one dated March 07, 1785. Thomas, Benjamin and Jason were all Baptist preachers. They are descendants of Jonathan Tipton, the immigrant, who came to Baltimore, Maryland, from England, via Jamaica, in the 1670's. The Tiptons were in England for several hundred years. DNA tests have revealed that we are of Nordic ancestry, which indicates being a possible part of the Danish Viking invasion of England in the 10th and 11th centuries. The area was called Danelaw, which encompassed most of England, including the part of England the Tiptons came from. Based on this premise, I can say that, "Vikings have been to Tallahassee!!""

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