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Letter of David Lang to E. A. Carmen (Late 1800s -- Early 1900s)

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Letter Details

Citation: M84-028, Davd Lang Letterbooks Vol. II, pp. 328-329, Florida State Archives
Date: Late 1800s -- Early 1900s (approximate)
Comments: Transcribed by Jim Studnicki 6/25/1999.

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Hon. E.A. Carman,
War Records Office, Washington, D.C.
Dear Sir:

In reply to yours of 11th, inst. inquiring the names of the commanding officers 8th. Fla. Regt. in the battle of Sharpsburg Md., Sept. 17 / 62, I have to say that the regiment went into the battle in command of Lt. Col. Coppen, formerly of the 1st B(***)n Louisania Zouves, by assignment of Ge. Roger Pryor just preceding the battle, because of the absence and sickness of Col. Richard B. Floyd, Lt. Col. John M. Pons. Major W.I. Turner, having resigned. Col. Coppen’s given name has escaped my memory, but Gen. Pryor on whose staff he was serving, and who is now Judge Pryor of Brooklyn, N.Y. can probably give his full name.
Col. Coppen was killed almost immediately after getting fire, in the cornfield below the stone barn near bloody lane! Capt. Richard A. Waller then assumed command as senior Capt. and was also killed with the colors of the regiment draped over his shoulders, almost immediately afterward, the flagstaff having been shot in two, & the color bearer and color guard beig [sic] all either killed or wounded.
The next (?) in (or) to (****rank?), the writer, had been previously wounded, between the times of the killings of Col. Coppen & Capt. Waller and Capt. Wm. Baya, next in rank, commanded the regiment until the (****) of the engagement, and until the return of Lt. Col. Pons. Col. Floyd having resigned because of extreme ill health.
Col. John C. Hately of the 5th Fla. Regt. succeeded in the command of Pryor’s Brigade immediately upon arriving on the feild [sic] and (*****) becoming engaged, by reason of the wounding of Maj. Gen. Richard H. Anderson, commanding the Division, and the assumption of the command of the Division by Gen. Pryor. Col. Hately was shot through both thighs at the bloody lane and carried from the field. Major Benj. F. Davis commanded the 5th Fla. Regt. in the absence of Lt. Col. Thompson B. Lamar, who had been detached on the Staff of Ge. Jospeh E. Johnston.
Capt. Council A. Bryan, Tallahassee, Fla, was senior Capt. commanding the regiment for several months, and is now (?)hale and hearty, with sound mind and retentive memory, and is probably better able to give you reliable information as to the regiment than any living officer.

Very respectfully,

(signed) D. Lang
Late Col. 8th Fla. Regt.

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